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FUNframer Press Release

FUNframer announces one jillionth download

San Francisco, CA (FFPRC) February 10, 2010
Today FUNframer announced that its jillionth frame was created online from their Premium Frame Collection.

The one jillionth frame was from its exquisite Ninja Attack Collection which is one of the more popular sets as the Ninjas convey a sense of motion and fluidity which highlight the depth of character of the photo's subject.

"We anticipate at least another 100k of downloads of Ninjas this week alone as people are wanting Ninjas. We don't know why, but Ninjas are the next Chihuahuas", said FUNframer Press Release Coordinator.

On contacting a FUNframer downloader, who wishes to remain anonymous, they stated "Before FUNframer my photos were bland, but now they have purpose!". A true statement if we ever heard.

About the Ninja Attack Collection:
FUNframer's Ninja Attack Collection skillfully poses Ninjas in various attack positions bringing forward the subject of the photo. Each of the five Ninjas are specially trained to bring out the qualities most admired in people including intelligence, charm and happiness.

About FUNframer:
FUNframer makes online photos fun one frame at a time by adding frames and stamps to your photos. FUNframer also allows for immediate upload of your enhanced photo to your social network. Need some dogs, cats, aliens, robots, stars, ninjas, hearts, Shakespeare on your photo? We got that or will have it soon.



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