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FUNframer Press Release

FUNframer announces partnership with regional bigfoot societies

San Francisco, CA (FFPRC) February 16, 2010
Today FUNframer announced that it has entered exclusive arrangements with the Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York Bigfoot Society to promote their 2010 member drive.

The announcement culminates several weeks of tough negotiations with the regional chapters of an organization dedicated to find the elusive Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch and Yeti.

"We anticipate at least another 100k members by Q2 of 2010 as people are wanting to locate this mythical beast. We don't know why, but everyone wants to locate the big feet", said FUNframer Press Release Coordinator.

On contacting a FUNframer downloader, who wishes to remain anonymous, they stated "Before FUNframer my photos were bland, but now they have purpose! I'm an official Bigfoot Society Field Member and now I'm respected among my family and friends". A true statement if we ever heard.

About the Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York Bigfoot Societies:
The Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York Bigfoot Societies are volunteer run organizations dedicated to tracking and capturing the mysterious North American Bigfoot. Each of the regional groups have members which are specially trained to mimic the sounds and smells of various animals in the attempt to lure and capture one of the Bigfoot in hopes of attaining a first amongst live capture.
Note: the Regional Bigfoot Associations, collectively known as the RBA, are not associated with the other worldwide groups such as the LWC ( Lochness Watchers Clubs ).

About FUNframer:
FUNframer makes online photos fun one frame at a time by adding photo frames and photo stamps to your photos. FUNframer also allows for immediate upload of your enhanced photo to your social network. Need some dogs, cats, aliens, robots, stars, ninjas, hearts, Shakespeare, Bigfoot, GirlPower, on your photo? We got that or will have it soon.



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