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About FUNframer

FUNframer is an online photo project leaving the Flash-based photo enhancement sites behind and sticking to pure web-based technologies which can be viewed on today's web browsers and in today's handheld devices and technology.

FUNframer believes fun should be fast. Upload and enhance your picture and save or push it to your social network. That's it. We want you to have fun online and get on with your offline life as well.

Why do our frames and images contain stars, ninjas, hearts, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, robots, flowers, aliens, and much more? Because, FUNframer wants everybody to have fun. There's something for everyone on our site...and if you can't find anything to make you smile, contact us and we'll see what we can do.

FUNframer's welcomes talk about collaboration, partnerships and anything else you would like to chat about.
Contact us today.

About the FUNframer name

Let's face it: the terms fun, frame, online, photo, picture, pix, crazy, looney, stamp and others are used in every title imaginable.
That's why we chose a noun meaning "one who frames funly".

Yes we made that up..but thats what it's all about! Fun!

Help support new FUNframer development :)
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We're new and adding frames on a regular basis. We skipped alpha and beta and went straight to live.
FUNframer makes online photos fun. We add fun to your photos by adding stars, ninjas, hearts, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, robots, flowers, aliens, and much more. Oh, and did we mention we add fun with some geek humor and politics as well?
We're in the process of adding new themes and frames. In the meantime, Any Requests?

FUNframer is not affiliated with any social network such as Facebook®, MySpace®, Hi5®.