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New FUNframer frames coming soon. In the meantime... Upload Photos. Create Fun.

FUNframer adds fun to your photos! Send fun photos to your friends or upload them directly to your social network such as Facebook®

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FUNframer! Upload Photos. Create Fun.
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FUNframer announces partnership with regional bigfoot societies
FUNframer announces one jillionth download
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We're new and adding frames on a regular basis. We skipped alpha and beta and went straight to live.
FUNframer makes online photos fun. We add fun to your photos by adding stars, ninjas, hearts, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, robots, flowers, aliens, and much more. Oh, and did we mention we add fun with some geek humor and politics as well?
We're in the process of adding new themes and frames. In the meantime, Any Requests?

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